Welcome to the University of Portsmouth Sub-Aqua Club (UPSAC). We are a University Society and a British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) branch.

We're able to offer training, awesome dive trips, and some great socials!

If you are new to diving then, no problem, we are able to teach you in-house.

We also welcome qualified divers from any recongnised training organisation, a diver is a diver to us. All you need to do is present your log book and qualification.

Diving truely is an amazing experience that touches people and changes their lives. Many of our Club members who join in their 2nd or 3rd years really regret not joining as a Fresher to pack more diving into their time at University and advance their training further.

We do not use this Web site much and prefer social media to communicate with our members: UPSAC's Facebook group

Students are able to join via the Students Union Web site page: UPSAC Online Membership Page

Alumni and non-students are able to join by speaking to the membership secretary

What happens now?

To find out about the Club, training and how it all works, come and see us at any of these events:

Freshers Fayre 20 & 21st Sept 17: We are a bit hidden this year ... luck of the draw unfortunately. We are on the grass area, in the corner, directly next to the Union Bar (Here). We can tell you all about the Club and diving. We are also signing people up for a "Try Dives" slot in the swimming pool for Sat 23rd 3pm to 6pm ... see if the underwater world is for you!!

Start of Term Pub Crawl 21st Sept 17: First social of the year, details to be announced shortly, here and on our facebook group.

Welcome to the Club Information Lecture 7pm, 26th Sept 17: Not to be missed for all new and potentially new members, as here you will find out everything about the Club. To be confirmed: St Michael's Building Rm 0.10.

Already qualified new members wanting to get diving

Please come and see us in the pub so that we can get you on a list and discuss when it may be possible to get you diving soon. See Andy (Diving Officer) if you wish to discuss your diving qualifications or diving in general.

See us at our weekly social meeting

The King Street Tavern, Norfolk Street, every Tuesday after dive lectures or at about 8-8:30pm. Ask for a committee person or dive instructor if you have any questions, need help or are unsure what to do next. This is also were you book onto trianing in the pool or open water via Adam or Barbara.

General Information

For enquiries, email: upsac@upsu.net

Our social night is every Tuesday - come along to The King Street Tavern from about 8-8:30pm (we're there all year round till close!) we can get to know each other, organise training and diving, or just chat about giant sea creatures and lost wrecks.