Club Equipment
We are lucky to have a well stocked lockup with a range of equipment. In order to keep it in fully working order and safe we have all of the equipment serviced every 12 months. For this we request a small equipment hire fee. Full details are below.
  • Pool Fins In Various Sizes
  • Pool Masks
  • Snorkels
  • Buddy Commando/Oceanic BCDs In Various Sizes
  • Sets of APEX/ScubaPro/Oceanic Regulator sets with consoles
  • Cylinders
  • Various sizes of wetsuits
  • Various sizes of boots, hoods, gloves and strap fins
  • A BOAT!....see below
Various ancillary equipment and accessories

Equipment Hire
During your training, to help with the costs we provide free use of our regularly serviced SCUBA equipment (pool and open water) and free use of basic kit during pool sessions.

Once qualified you will be required to pay kit hire and the following is based on a per item per hire basis (up to 3 days).

Student Member Non Student Member
1.50 BCD 2.00 BCD
1.50 Cylinder 2.00 Cylinder
1.50 Regulator Set 2.00 Regulator Set
5 Wetsuit 8 Wetsuit

Cylinder, BCD and Regulator Set (all three) hired for week-long trips will be charged at 5 for student members and 10 for non student members, while there is no change to the wetsuit hire charge.

Please note that cylinders that are returned to the lockup empty will incur a 5 fine.

Please ensure that any problems with equipment such as fault or damage is reported to the equipment officer as soon as possible to ensure safety and prompt repair of the kit.

We have a 6m Motorised Rib with trailer, radio equipment and life jackets. Our RIB is called Zulu Warrior and she lives at Ken Brown Boatpark at Camber Dock, Old Portsmouth.

As a qualified boat handler you are welcome to take the boat out whenever you like (weather permitting). All you need to do is get your plans ok'd by the Diving Officer and give plenty of notice to the Boat Officer so that the boat can be launched for you.

A charge of 10 is payable to go out on the boat.